The Panpsycast


The Panpsycast is a weekly informal and informative philosophy podcast. We aim to bring philosophy that is accessible and easy to understand to engaged listeners of all levels and abilities – whether you are an A Level student, an undergraduate, a postgraduate, or a professor. You can find us on iTunes, Spotify, google Play, and TuneIn. Whatever platform you use we are completely free to listen to.

We do in-depth discussion episodes on all of the ‘big-topics’ in philosophy, along with focused episodes that look at specific thinkers throughout the history of philosophy. You can find all of these episode organised by their topic or category on our site. We frequently interview contemporary philosophers on their work and ideas. All of our interviews are freely accessible and a list of all our guests is on our site. They range across all types of philosophy from consciousness to religion, to utilitarianism to virtue ethics, swearing to suffering, and in indispensability of philosophy.

If you already listen to the show and you want us to continue producing it, then please head over to our Patreon page and make a monthly donation. A lot of time, effort, and equipment is used up in the production of the show, so any support you give is greatly appreciated. Without our listeners we would not be where we are, and without them we would not be able to continue. Each donation means a great deal to us and each allows us to keep bringing you your weekly dosage of philosophy. We cannot sustain ourselves without your help, so please consider donating. Alternatively, if you feel like making a one-off donation, then you can do so via paypal.