New Podcast out

The second The Panpsycast podcast that I helped out with came out earlier this week, and the second and third parts should also be out very soon. The episode is a three-part debate between Associate Professor Philip Goff and Professor David Papineau. I chair the discussion throughout the debate. If you want to listen to… Continue reading New Podcast out

Integrated Information Theory

My friend Garret Mindt has recently published an article on Integrated Information Theory (IIT) of consciousness. His article titled 'The Problem With The 'Information' in Integrated Information Theory' can be found here. Integrated information theory (IIT) of consciousness is a theory of consciousness recently formulated and proposed by Giulio Tononi. This theory proposes that consciousness (like… Continue reading Integrated Information Theory

Russellian Monism Conference

Next week I'll be going to a conference on Russellian Monism at Central European University, Budapest. The Title of the Conference is 'Russellian Monism: Time for the Details'. It looks like a really good conference. I will be chairing the session on Cosmopsychism, the speakers for which are Philip Goff (CEU) and Yujin Nagasawa (Birmingham).… Continue reading Russellian Monism Conference

First Podcast

The Panpsycast ​podcast is a really great podcast which has been up and running for about a year now. They recently had me on as a guest speaker, along with my colleague Thom Atkinson. ​The episode me and Thom were on is number 19, 'Mind, Brain, and Consciousness'.  You can listen to our episode of the… Continue reading First Podcast