Journal Articles:

  • Miller, G., 2021. The Decombination Problem for Cosmopsychism is not the Heterogeneity Problem for Priority Monism. Journal of Consciousness Studies 28, 112–115. Available, preprint at PhilPapers.
  • Miller, Gregory. 2018. ‘Can Subjects Be Proper Parts of Subjects? The De-Combination Problem’. Ratio 31 (2): 137–54. Available, open access at PhilPapers.
  • Miller, Gregory. 2017. ‘Forming a Positive Concept of the Phenomenal Bonding Relation for Constitutive Panpsychism: Forming a Positive Concept of the Phenomenal Bonding Relation’. Dialectica 71 (4): 541–62. Available, open access at PhilPapers .
    • S. Siddharth published a response to this paper and the proposal in it – ‘Against Phenomenal Bonding’. European Journal of Analytic Philosophy. available here.

Book Chapters:

  • Miller, Gregory. Forthcoming. ‘Why Consciousness Matters’, in Philosophers on Consciousness. Available, preprint at PhilPapers.

Doctoral Thesis:

  • The Combination Problem for Panpsychism – An Investigation into Phenomenal Bonding Panpsychism and Composite Subjects of Experience. Available, open access at Liverpool repository here .