Susan Blackmore Interview

We recently interviewed Susan Blackmore on about the nature, features, and potentially illusory nature of consciousness. Blackmore is a high productive and prolific author, writing on many different aspects of psychology, cognitive science, and philosophy of mind. Always keeping an open mind to different theories and approaches, Blackmore was voted one of the most influential… Continue reading Susan Blackmore Interview

Joint Session Panpsychism Video 2020

This year, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Joint Session of the Aristotelian Society and the Mind Association had to be hosted online, rather than in person. This conference is the largest philosophy conference in the U.K., with hundreds of guests presenting and in attendance, meaning the logistics of transferring to online could be problematic.… Continue reading Joint Session Panpsychism Video 2020

Rutger Bregman & Steven Pinker Debate Human Nature

Over at the Panpsycast we recently hosted a debate between Rutger Bregman and Steven Pinker. This is the second time each of these guests have been on our show, but this time we got them on together. This is because both writers have interesting but different theories about human nature. You can listen to the… Continue reading Rutger Bregman & Steven Pinker Debate Human Nature

Liv Coombes Interview – Time Travel and Podcasting

Liv Coombes is a PhD research at Edinburgh University who focuses on issues surrounding time travel and free will. She is also the host of the philosophy podcast Two Philosophers, One Podcast, No Problems. We recently interviewed her over on The Panpsycast about time travel and what it is like to be a philosophy podcaster.… Continue reading Liv Coombes Interview – Time Travel and Podcasting

Philosophy Tube Behind the Scenes – Olly Thorn Interview

One of the biggest online philosophy superstars is without a doubt Olly Thorn, a.k.a. Philosophy Tube. He has produced hundreds of ours of in-depth, funny, and creative philosophy videos on YouTube, which has earned him over half a million subscribers! His most popular video has amassed 950,000 views and is a detailed look at the… Continue reading Philosophy Tube Behind the Scenes – Olly Thorn Interview

Partially Examined Life Appearance – The Hard and Harder Problems of Consciousness

I was recently invited to come on the Partially Examined Life podcast to talk about philosophy of mind and the hard problem of consciousness. The recording went very well and I have a fun time talking with the guys. The papers that we looked at in this episode were: Chalmers (2002) Consciousness and its Place… Continue reading Partially Examined Life Appearance – The Hard and Harder Problems of Consciousness