Interview With Rachel Wiseman

Later this October we'll be conducting an interview with Rachel Wiseman for The Panpsycast. Rachel Wiseman's work spans a handful of deeply interesting topics, but our interview will be focused upon 'The Golden Age of Female Philosophy'. During the second world war Mary Midgley, Iris Murdoch, Elizabeth Anscombe and Phillipa Foot became friends at the university… Continue reading Interview With Rachel Wiseman

New Interview on IIT

This week at The Panpsycast we'll be interviewing Hedda Hassel Mørch. Hedda's research focuses on liberal conceptions of the physical, panpsychism, and other views like neutral monism. Specifically her work looks at panpsychism and it's relation to a new neuroscientific theory: Integrated Information Theory. When the interview goes live I'll post a link to the interview.… Continue reading New Interview on IIT

An interview with a REAL materialist: Professor Galen Strawson

In the next week or so I'll be going to London to interview another great thinker as part of The Panpsycast interview series. This interview will be with Professor Galen Strawson. Professor Strawson is probably most well known for being a contemporary 'real materialist', which it turns out is a form of panpsychism! This should… Continue reading An interview with a REAL materialist: Professor Galen Strawson

Upcoming interview at ‘How The Light Gets In’ festival

This weekend I will be going to How The Light Gets In festival. This is a music, comedy, philosophy, and discussion festival organised by the institute of art and ideas. I am looking forward to the festival as I will be there with the Panpsycast conducting interviews. One of the interviewees will be Bence Nany:… Continue reading Upcoming interview at ‘How The Light Gets In’ festival

Daniel Dennett Interview Part 2

The second installment of The Panpsycast interview with Professor Daniel Dennett is came out this week. In this installment we mainly talk to professor Dennett about philosophy of mind. We ask him about heterophenomenology, the faulty reasoning that follows from the Cartesian theatre model of the mind, what he thinks of Frank Jackson's 'Mary Argument',… Continue reading Daniel Dennett Interview Part 2