New Paper on Cosmopsychism

I recently published a new paper on Cosmopsychism (a priority monist version of panpsychism) in the Journal of Consciousness Studies. Here’s the abstract for the paper, which neatly summarises what I try to argue for:

Abstract: in this paper I look at a recent proposal from Yujin Nagasawa and Khai Wager to avoid the de-combination problem for the view called ‘cosmopsychism’. The pair suggest that the de-combination problem can be solved in the same way that the problem of heterogeneity for Schaffer’s priority monism can be solved. I suggest that this is not the case. They are not the same problem and the solutions to the heterogeneity problem do not work for the de-combination problem.

The paper is nice and short and the scope of the argument is limited. So, anyone wanting to read it should find it accessible and easy to take something away from it.

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