Interview With Rachel Wiseman

Later this October we’ll be conducting an interview with Rachel Wiseman for The Panpsycast. Rachel Wiseman’s work spans a handful of deeply interesting topics, but our interview will be focused upon ‘The Golden Age of Female Philosophy‘.


During the second world war Mary Midgley, Iris Murdoch, Elizabeth Anscombe and Phillipa Foot became friends at the university of Oxford. The four would meet regularly to discuss philosophy, and all four were close friends throughout their lives. Dr. Wiseman’s In Parenthesis project looks at the works on these four women and their interrelationships. Ultimately the project aims to cast these four names as a ‘unique case of an all-female philosophical school’. This, amongst some other things, is what we will be talking about.

If you would like to ask Dr. Wiseman a question, then you can head over to The Panpsycast and use the form there. Alternatively, you can go to the twitter page and send us a tweet.

Each week we bring you a new installment of the show, whether it be a discussion on a certain thinker or an interview with one of our guests. We are incredibly proud of the work we do, and we really want to continue. If you enjoy the show, then please take a moment to go over to our Patreon page and consider pledging a monthly donation. Without donations it is incredibly hard for us to continue, so we appreciate every bit of support. Thanks!

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