Interview With Existential Comics

In October we will be interviewing Corey Mohler. Many of you will recognise Corey’s work, he is the brains behind Existential Comics – everyone’s favourite online philosophy comic.

existential cmics.PNG

Over at The Panpsycast you can check out the schedule for the next few months and you can also leave a question for Corey. Alternatively you can head over to the twitter page and tweet us a question you’d like to ask Corey.

Here’s one of Corey’s comics, this one is called ‘Philosophy Humans’ and plays around with the idea of philosophical zombies – it also stars a zombified Daniel Dennett, the interviewee of episode 36.


If you like the show, then I would encourage you to go to our Patreon site and show your support. It takes a lot of time and quite a bit of money to create a free podcast, so any help from our listeners is always greatly appreciated – without you we would not be able to carry on.



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