An interview with a REAL materialist: Professor Galen Strawson

In the next week or so I’ll be going to London to interview another great thinker as part of The Panpsycast interview series. This interview will be with Professor Galen Strawson.


Professor Strawson is probably most well known for being a contemporary ‘real materialist’, which it turns out is a form of panpsychism!

This should be another great interview and having recently spoken to Daniel Dennett about consciousness, it should give an interesting alternative to the views discussed in that episode. Along with talking about consciousness, we hope to ask Galen some questions about his view of ‘the self’ and why he thinks that nobody is free and ultimately responsible for their actions. We will also be taking listener questions again, and if you would like to submit one then you can either use the submission form here or tweet the Panpsycast here:

If you would like to know more about Professor Strawson’s views before you submit a question, then you can find a list of most of his articles on his Philpapers page. If a lot of these are behind paywalls, then you’ll be able to access a lot of Galen’s work – which he has uploaded himself – from his page. Enjoy.

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