Daniel Dennett Interview Part 2

The second installment of The Panpsycast interview with Professor Daniel Dennett is came out this week.

In this installment we mainly talk to professor Dennett about philosophy of mind. We ask him about heterophenomenology, the faulty reasoning that follows from the Cartesian theatre model of the mind, what he thinks of Frank Jackson’s ‘Mary Argument’, and his take on some recent statements that illusionism/eliminativism are ‘silliest claim[s] ever made’.

dennettIn fact, it appears our interview may have prompted Professor Dennett to respond to this claim, you can read an interesting discussion between him and Galen Strawson here.

I suggest you listen to the episode, which can be found here. Or, you can listen to it on iTunes. Please make sure to leave the folks over at The Panpsycast a review on iTunes, they always appreciate the support. You can also head over to their patreon page if you would like to give them a donation and to get pre-release episodes (and more!).


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