Podcast (part 1) out now!

The most recent version of The Panpsycast podcast is out now. In this episode myself, Jack, and Dr. Thom Atkinson interview professor Yujin Nagasawa about his paper ‘the problem of evil for atheists’.

The paper is a very thought provoking one and it made for a really fun interview. If you want to read the paper, it is available here.

Professor Nagasawa was also kind enough to give us each a copy of his new book, ‘Miracles: A Very Short Introduction’. I have been reading it on my train commute over the last week. If you want to get a copy, it is available to buy here.

The first part of the podcast is available at this link: part 1. The second part will be available this time next week. Please make sure to leave The Panpsycast a review on iTunes, and/or support them with a donation on patreon.

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