Stephen Law Interview with The Panpsycast

This Saturday I will be hosting another episode of The Panpsycast. Myself and Jack Symes (the founder and regular host) will be traveling to Oxford to interview Stephen Law.

Law is a very popular and well known figure. He does a lot of work to further the public image of philosophy, and to disseminate the invaluable insights of philosophical thinking to a non-academic audience. Public facing philosophy is valuable work, and the belief that it is of the utmost importance is a belief shared by the founders of The Panpsycast.

One of Law’s most popular and engaged-with ideas is ‘the evil God challenge’. This is a challenge to the theist from the atheist. The challenge is to show that it is more reasonable to hold a belief in an all-good God, rather than an all-evil God, given the existence of evil in the world.

Here is a helpful video outlining the argument in brief:

I think Law’s argument is a powerful one and I am looking forward to discussing it, amongst other things, with him.

Once the podcast is live I will post the relevant links on this site.


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